The Bellows Foundation was founded by Stephen Boyle on May 17, 2004.

The Bellows Foundation is a 501(c)3 Arizona Non-Profit Corporation whose purpose is to fund the research, development and management of practicum-based learning environments.

Celestino Fernandez, (left) Board Chairman of San Miguel High School in south Tucson, receives a check for $10,000 from Steve Boyle, co-founder of Bellows. The grant was provided to support the extraordinary practicum education component of the high school’s learning environment.  For details, see “Project Fundings by the Bellows Foundation” in navigation section, above.


Steve Boyle lived and worked in the hotels that his father managed, passing from one department after another, gaining experience in the unique business environment of the hospitality industry.  He was raised in Hollywood, Florida and later in Highland Park, Illinois, where he graduated from Highland Park High School.

At the age of 19, he had the privilege of becoming a member of a start-up organization, the Orange Sport Parachuting Center (OSPC), led by Jacques Andre Istel, Lewis Sanborn, and Nate Pond, that brought free-fall sport parachuting from France to America and constructed the first commercial free-fall school in the United States in Orange, Massachusetts.  Steve worked his way up from bookkeeper to ground instructor to air instructor, and to first jump instructor in the 1959, 1960, and 1962 seasons.  The organization opened additional free-fall parachuting schools in Lakewood, New Jersey and Hemet, California. When Steve returned from military service, he  become the manager of the original  parachuting school in Orange, Massachusetts in the 1967 season.

OSPC was featured in Life Magazine in 1959 and 1960 and again in a runner-up Academy Award short subject film titled “A Sport Was Born” in 1961:

From late 1962 to late 1965, Steve served as an officer and reconnaissance platoon leader in the United States Marine Corps, assigned to 1st Platoon, Alpha Company of the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division.

After completing an MS of Accounting at the University of Massachusetts in 1968-69, and for the next 30+ years, he worked in joint venture real estate development and finance, including  six years with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and eight years with EF Hutton & Company, where he was charged with starting up and heading EF Hutton’s National Real Estate Investment Department.

In 1983, he left EF Hutton to co-found his own firm, Berry and Boyle, the general partner and fiduciary of seventeen joint venture development partnerships consisting of 7,000 investor/limited partners who contributed approximately $40 million of equity funding over and above mortgage financing.  The firm completed its wind-down phase in 2010.

Steve crossed over to the field of education in 2001 to work on an Ed.D. at Columbia University’s, Teachers College. He is currently developing his dissertation around a particularly promising research-guided, practicum-based learning environment consisting of workplace simulators.  Since his return from Teachers College to Arizona in 2004, he formed The Bellows Foundation to be an instrument of innovation in secondary and post-secondary education, as well as bringing about a paradigm shift in the way we work among ourselves within organizations, at a higher level of critical thinking, social intelligence and social consciousness.

Steve completed  his undergraduate work and received a BA from Cornell University with a major in philosophy and a minor in government.

One of Steve’s most insightful learning experiences was as a middle and high school teacher at Patagonia Union High School in Patagonia, Arizona in the 2008-2010 period.   He taught entrepreneurship as an elective, economics  for high school seniors, and general science as a requirement for 6-9th graders.  He also was a mentor to the hardest-case, at risk students in the Patagonia school system.

His avocation has always been in aviation: for over twenty years he owned an open-cockpit Great Lakes biplane—-his longest flight was from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Charlotte, North Carolina, a distance of 1,343 miles, requiring four days at a cruise speed of approximately 100 miles per hour, with seventeen fuel stops and several layovers along the way.  He continues to participate in free-fall parachuting.  And, occasionally, he has put a student in the front cockpit to experience a sunset biplane flight from an earlier era of adventure and individualism.

His father, Lawrence Boyle, was a combat troop-carrier glider pilot in the European Theater in World War II and his uncle, Charles Boyle, was a battlefield commissioned Army infantry officer in the European Theater.  Steve’s mother, Priscilla Jane Boyle, worked for the Navy on an aerial gunnery range in Opalocka, Florida during the war.   Steve’s paternal grandfather, Lawrence Archibald Boyle, and grandmother, Nora Boyle, “came across on the boat” from Ireland in 1900 and settled in Milton, Massachusetts.

A Heads Up To Our Readers

The progress of The Bellows Foundation was substantially impeded after the 2008-2009 global financial crisis due to the increasing unavailability of grant money for the niche we represent.

Accordingly, the contents of  current Bellows Foundation website only reflect the evolution of our rethinking process.  For example, the four prospective field bases to be established in Patagonia, Arizona, Petersburg, Alaska, Boulder, Utah, and the Ecuadorian Rainforest have been visited and researched, but no construction has been commenced due to the absence of funding.

We await a real economic recovery and a much stronger public awareness that American education, in its present state, is in financial and operational crisis and must be rebuilt from the ground up to meet the actual needs of our next generations in terms of meaningful and effective content, delivery methodology, and affordability.

In the meantime, from late 2010 through 2016, Steve researched and wrote two books: A Grandfather’s Encouragement To Our Next Generation (2013) and Restoring The Peace (2016) in an effort to help American youth and young adults, as well as our next generation across the world, to develop their perspective of “how the world actually works” in order to maintain control of their destinies as all the world’s populations are roiled by the current social and economic disintegration.

Who Is Bellows?



The work of The Bellows Foundation is dedicated to the memory of Chester Henry Bellows, Steve’s maternal grandfather. Born in New York City in 1890, his dedication to learning and mentorship profoundly affected his children, grandchildren, and many others who were inspired by his personal attention. His academic aspirations were thwarted by The Great Depression. Chet devoted much of his spare time to humanitarian and educational efforts including the Boy Scouts and the Masonic and Methodist Episcopal Church movements. Were he alive today, one would hear his mirthful chuckle to think that his influence might have an impact on American education in the 21st century.