Project Fundings By The Bellows Foundation

The Bellows Foundation has provided funding and other assistance for the following projects:

Civic Engagement Projects:

Hurricane Katrina Response: The Bellows 14-passenger bus was driven from Patagonia, Arizona to Baton Rouge, Louisiana several days after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf states to provide transportation to evacuees traveling to Red Cross evacuation shelters.

Community Support

Providing fiscal sponsorship to Constructing Circles of Peace, a non-profit organization receiving grant money from New York University for providing domestic abuse treatment utilizing “Restorative Justice” that brings the family, including the abuser, together with key community members as an effective healing process.

Start-up assistance and funding to Asociacion de Promotoras de Nogales (APN), to provide bi-national support and promotion of the well-being of families in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora who are living at or below the povery level.

Start-up funding and providing Bellow-designed fund-raising material for KPUP: Patagonia Community Radio.

Patagonia Water Resources Study: Funding for one-year water quantity and quality study to establish baseline data.

Education Projects:

Secondary School Level

Provided grant to support the practicum learning environment created by San Miguel High School, Tucson, Arizona.

Matching funds for STEP: Student Expedition Program fund-raiser with Bellows-designed fund-raiser material.

Provided grant to assist the Arizona Department of Education and Arizona State University complete their Hunnicut Academy colloquium for high school students interested in becoming K-12 teachers.

Post-secondary Level

Provided funding for five-day Colloquium of 43 participants from 13 colleges and universities at the Circle Z Ranch in Patagonia, Arizona.

Provided funding for four-day curriculum-building gathering in Patagonia.

Provided funding for ten-day visit of 23 students and faculty of Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Provided funding for five-day visit of 20 students and faculty of Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana.

Graduate Level

Provided research and travel grant to Teachers College, Columbia University to enable six students to present at January 2005 AAC&U Annual conference in San Francisco on the subject of The Multicultural Self, with a focus on the development of inter-cultural identity and maturity.

Provided funding of renovating a meeting room within the Philosophy and Education Program’s space at Teachers College, including Southwestern-style seminar tables and other furnishings.