A New Bellows Project Development Coming Up: A National Intervention To Jump-Start America’s Disintegrating Next Generation

Jump-Starting Our Next Generation: Combining Mentoring Camps, Workplace Training Simulators, Personal Reinvention, and Restoration of Health and Equanimity

The  disintegrating social, economic, psychological, and physical condition of America’s next generation is the leading edge of, and partially contributing to, the accelerating deterioration of America as a whole.

Accordingly, a top priority is to launch a national intervention, using the original Civilian Conservation Corps of the Great Depression of the 1930s as a rough model, but incorporating educational innovations that include:

(i) workforce training simulators;

(ii) the use of older, highly experienced mentors, acting in the capacity of workforce trainers;

(iii) specialized, affordable housing for our Next Generation members;

(iv) and mentoring camps that:

  • help bring our next American generations to a strong civil, ethical, spiritual and permanently drug-free grounding;
  • prepare them for challenging, meaningful, and productive life-pursuits, including inculcation of entrepreneurship and long-term planning to move from employee to employer status;
  • channel them through well-organized, corporate-backed job placement services that transfer them into the global workforce;
  • embrace them with coordinated corporate in-house support upon their arrival at their places of employment.


(This page is a work in progress, leading to the operational plan to be submitted to funding sources)