Thought-Provoking Images

We invite students, faculty and others to send in images that are extraordinary in their power to make meaning and, perhaps, a different meaning for each viewer.

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Our upcoming next generation:  Are we doing enough to prepare them for creative, responsible and productive life-pursuits?

The Face Painter and his subjects at The Children’s Zoo in Central Park in New York City.


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Our upcoming next generation on the Hopi Mesas.







Hurricane Katrina: Red Cross Shelter in the Houston Astrodome, peaking at 13,000 evacuees, with a total of 29,000 evacuees at the three Red Cross Shelters in Houston.


During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, The Bellows Foundation provided transportation to evacuees from Baton Rouge to Houston.  The Delgrado family, above, arriving in Houston to join friends from San Salvador. Mr. Delgrado is from Nicaragua and Mrs. Delgrado is from Guatemala.



large biplane sunset

Steve Boyle doing the sunset flight in his open-cockpit Great Lakes biplane with one of his high school students in the front seat at the controls.



"Fetal Hand Grasp"

The tiny hand gripping the surgeon’s finger belongs to a yet-unborn infant, Samuel Alexander Armas.

Samuel was diagnosed with spina bifida  and would not have survived if removed from his mother’s womb without first receiving remedial surgery.  Dr. Joseph Bruner had to remove the uterus via C-section and make a small incision to operate on Samuel.

Just as Dr. Bruner finished, he was stunned speechless to see Samuel’s tiny hand come through the incision and firmly grasped his finger.  Samuel was born in perfect health—–the operation was 100% successful.

For details on Dr. Bruner (above, left), go to:




A dedicated heart surgeon, who sat and monitored his patient after a 23-hour long and successful heart transplant.  One of his assistants is sleeping in the far corner.


Below: granddaughter (6) and grandfather (76) :  To see short video clip: click on IMG_4181.MOV 2


See Ganesha scene below.


Below:  Deep calm surrounding a pond waterfall to honor Ganesha