Prospective Ecuadorian Rainforest Field Base

The Bellows Foundation is considering the development of a new field base in the Achuar Territory of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Achuar see the Ecuadorian government and President Correra violating their Constitutional rights, just as we witness our own government doing the same to us.  The Achuar see the impact of the transnational oil companies and understand they are essentially killing machines.  They know about the poisoning of the water, the destruction of farmland, the diseases, the tumors, the miscarriages, the dwindling of their food sources, and the ruination of their way of life.  They already know what happened to the Tetetes and Sansahauris peoples in the northern Amazon rainforest in the 1960s and 1970s with the arrival of Texaco (now Chevron).  They know what happened in the Achuar territory in nearby Peru on the Corrientes River.  
The shamans know it, and the children sense it.

It was clear to us that the Achuar are preparing to return to their warring tradition, marked by the high level of savagery described by Spanish colonial authorities who tried to subdue them in the late 16th century.  One of the ceremonies that we witnessed was the traditional farewell dance by the young wives when their husbands leave for battle.

This was not a happy scene.  America might be in the most difficult time of its history, but the Achuar are facing nothing short of extinction, unless they resettle deeper in the Amazon rainforest, which is disappearing under the onslaught of steady commercial penetration.  How can this happen in 2012 in this world?  The answer is that of all the plundering transnational corporations across the globe, the petroleum corporations appear to be the most out of control.  America had its experience with the rogue operations of British Petroleum along our Gulf Coast.  And the Achuar know full well what’s coming.  If the petroleum, logging, mining, and commercial farming corporations are not stopped, they will cause the eventual extinction of the vast majority of the indigenous people in the Amazon and they will kill the Amazon itself; erasing a vital part of our planet and accelerating the demise of the Earth’s processes.

We were a small, multinational group trying to determine ways to come to the assistance of the Achuar people in the Ecuadorian Rainforest to combat the illegal efforts of large oil companies to encroach on their land and leave highly toxic waste that enters the rivers, streams and soil and causes proven widespread diseases attributable to carcinogens that decimate indigenous populations.

Our group was sponsored by The Pachamama Alliance (