January 2005 Colloquium at the Circle Z Ranch in Patagonia, Arizona

The commentary of the students who spoke at the October 2004 gathering at Evergreen State College was so insightful and compelling that we decided to organize a January 2005 Colloquium at the Circle Z Ranch in Patagonia and invite the students, with faculty and administrators, to repeat it again. Deans Mike Ford and Steven Weisler of Hampshire College, and Dean Alan Jones of Pitzer College were in attendance. The participants in the Colloquium numbered forty-three students, faculty and administrators from thirteen colleges and universities, including Alverno College, Daemen College, Deep Springs College, Evergreen State College, Hampshire College, New College of Florida, Fairhaven College, Ursuline College, Pitzer College, University of Arizona, Columbia University, Texas Christian University, and University of Wisconsin.

We were privileged to have with us Dara Molloy, who heads a learning community in the Aran Islands of Ireland; Josiah Bunting III, President of The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation in New York; and Jack Newell, the former President of Deep Springs College. We were also graced by the presence of two Patagonia residents, Dr. Meredith Aronson, the former mayor of Patagonia, and Carol Soth, a well-regarded educator who specializes in the storytelling tradition of learning.

Absent, but with us in spirit, were Dr. Lee Knefelkamp and Dr. Gregory Prince, key advisors.

A working group of students and faculty on the lawn of the Circle Z.

Robert Cole and Barbara Smith of Evergreen State College.

Robert Cole and Jack Newell, former president of Deep Springs College.

Horse treks organized during R&R time.


The original thirteen students who made the remarkable presentation at Evergreen State College in October of 2004 were:

Tawnya Bissell (New College of Florida)

Cayla Casciani (Fairhaven College)

Trevor Caughlin (New College of Florida)

Frida Espinosa (Arizona International College)

Sara Farooqi (Pitzer College)

Kate Goddu (Fairhaven College)

Emily Hoeh (Daemen College)

Jayleen Lineback (Arizona International College)

Amber Margolis (Arizona International College)

Jeff Reynolds (Fairhaven College)

Gabrielle Roesch (Fairhaven College)

Heidi Skiles (Fairhaven College)

Zaliah Zalkind-Hawkin (Arizona International College)